Y4 French Day

Y4 French Day
July 7, 2022 monkwick

Year 4 enjoyed a French Day on Wednesday 6th July 2022.

We started the day by finding Mrs Revill’s shopping! Classes where split into groups and the children had to work in teams to find all the items on the shopping list that where scattered all around the school premises. Once they had found all the items and Mrs Revill had ticked them off, they where given a voucher to enter the Monkwick Junior French Café where they enjoyed croissants, pain du chocolat, crepes, a variety of fruit and washed it all down with orange or apple juice!

Children designed and made their own French flags by using glue, tissue paper, felt tips pens and colouring pencils!

In the afternoon we had The Big Wheel Company visit the school. Our visitors spoke very little English so this was a going to be a challenging afternoon for all! In the hall all the year 4 children pretended they where part of a television programme where the contestants had the chance to win a summer holiday! To be able to win the holiday, children had to ask and reply to questions in French! They all did so well!

It was a great day enjoyed by all.