Monkwick Junior School believes that all pupils are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum, that covers a range of subjects and ensures that children are well prepared for the next stage of their education by giving them a good basis in all National Curriculum Subjects.

Our values are demonstrated through the Curriculum Policy in the following ways:


  • All curriculum subjects are viewed as important, but the school recognises that success in English and Mathematics are fundamental to widening future choices and opportunities.
  • Different subjects have specific skills and approaches, so each is taught in the way that best suits it.
  • All pupils will be entitled to broad, balanced curriculum opportunities.
  • Children should be able to enjoy their learning and be enriched by the things that they discover at school.
  • Children should have access to a wide variety of opportunities to develop their passions and skills.
  • A variety of trips and experiences will be offered throughout the school.
  • The curriculum will aim high and and allow children to flourish and succeed across a wide range of disciplines.
  • All children will be able to engage in a challenging curriculum that encourages them to think and achieve.
  • The curriculum will encourage existing talent, develop potential and create new skills.
  • Children will face challenges with an open mind and persevere with things they find more difficult.
  • Appropriate challenge and support will be in place for all learners to enable them to succeed.
  • Subject leaders will review the curriculum on an ongoing basis to continuously improve what we offer the children.
  • Children, parent and staff views of learning are taken into account as part of the long term curriculum planning process.
  • Information about the curriculum and what children are learning will be available on the school website.
  • Staff will ensure that standards of work across the curriculum reflect what children are capable of.
  • The curriculum will develop children’s ability to understand others, different customs and culture and promote British values.
  • The curriculum will develop learners’ understanding and respect for themselves, by encouraging reflection.
  • Resources will be well cared for and looked after to enable the school to provide more to develop learning further.

The Curriculum at Monkwick Junior School has been developed based on the National Curriculum, so that children are given the age appropriate opportunities that they will need to prepare them to continue their learning when they move into Key Stage 3 and beyond.

In our curriculum, each subject has a set of specific guiding principles, so that it can be taught in a way that best reflects the skills needed for success if pupils wanted to continue to study them in secondary school, further or higher education. This means that subjects are taught discretely, but cross-curricular links are made if they are meaningful and enhance learning. The aims and principles set out by the National Curriculum have been a key part in developing this, as well as taking into account feedback from children, parents and staff.

If you require any further information about the schools curriculum, please contact the school office.

Please see below a curriculum overview for each school term:

Year 3

Please click the link Year 3 Curriculum Overview to view.

Year 4

Please click the link Year 4 Curriculum Overview to view.

Year 5

Please click the link Year 5 Curriculum Overview to view.

Year 6

Please click the link Year 6 Curriculum Overview to view.

Advantage Curriculum

We are very fortunate at Monkwick Junior School to be able to offer an Advantage Curriculum which runs as an addition to our main curriculum.

Advantage Curriculum timetable