If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.


Essex Statutory Admissions Policy:

Address: School Road, Monkwick, Colchester CO2 8NN
Telephone: (01206) 575399
Application Website:
Headteacher: Miss R McCutcheon
Community: (Co-educational) 7–11
School Number: 881-2165
Published admission number 2023/2024: 60
Number on roll: 232

Admissions Policy:

There is no guarantee of a place for children living in the priority admission area.

Where applications for admissions exceed the number of places available, the following criteria will be applied in the order set out below:

  1. Looked after children and previously looked after children.
    Children with a sibling attending the school or a sibling attending
  2. Monkwick Infant and Nursery School who will still be on roll at the date of admission.
  3. Children who reside within the Priority Admission Area.
  4. Children who attend Monkwick Infant and Nursery School.
  5. Children of staff; where a member of staff has been employed for two or more years at the time of the application and / or a member of staff is recruited to fill a vacancy for which there is a demonstrable skills shortage.
  6. Within each of the above criteria, proximity of the home to school will be taken into consideration, with those living nearer being accorded the higher priority. (Straight-line distance between home and school will be used as a tie breaker with those living closest to the school having highest priority.)

In-Year Applications

Applying for a place at a school after 31 August each year, or applying to change your child’s school during the year, are referred to as “in-year” admissions.

Details of how to apply for an In-Year place at the school are available through The Sigma Trust website.

For further details on our admissions process please click on the admissions document shown below:

To view the determined Admissions Policy for 2023/24, please click here

To view the determined Admissions Policy for 2024/25, please click here

To view the determined Admissions Policy for 2025/26, please click here

Please click here for information on admission appeals

Working Together To Raise Attendance
As we all know there is a direct link between a child’s attendance and their progress and achievement. The majority of our pupils have high levels of attendance and many have a 100% record.
However, it is important to recognise that even with an attendance level of 95%, at the end of an academic year a pupil has missed 10 days of school. That equals 50 hours of education which can never be repeated. As the attendance decreases, the number of days missed increases and this has a negative impact on progress and achievement.

What is the school doing to encourage good attendance?
Each week all the children with 100% attendance (no late marks) are entered into a prize draw. If their name is drawn they can choose a prize from the cabinet of wonder!
The class with the highest attendance each week is presented with a certificate in assembly and each member of the class receives free tuck on Wednesday.
At the end of the academic year every child with attendance of 97% and above will be entered into a prize draw to win a hamper of exciting prizes!
Each class has an attendance board and pupils are made aware of their class position in the attendance league table each week.
We will make every effort to support pupils to achieve high attendance. If there are any issues which are preventing you from getting your child into school, please let us know.
If your child has been unwell and needs medication, we will administer any prescribed medication.

What can parent/carers do?
Make sure your child gets a good start each day by ensuring they arrive by 8:40. Why not join breakfast club which starts at 8am every day or multi sports Tuesday to Friday?
Try to book appointments outside of school times. If this cannot be arranged, make sure your child attends school before and after the appointment. Medical marks count as an absence.
Don’t keep your child off with minor ailments. As you know we all feel worse first thing in the morning and children often perk up when they are with their friends. We will phone you, if we feel your child is too unwell to remain in school. If you have kept your child off and they perk up, please bring them into school. It is better to attend part of the day than not at all.
Do not book a holiday during term time. The school will not authorise any holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Holidays which are taken without authorisation will be referred to the local authority and may incur a penalty notice.