Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Resilience Workshop

This week we have been very lucky to be visited by the National Online Well being Service as part of their Time for Change campaign. They provided a selection of Year 6 pupils with a workshop designed to aid their transition to secondary school. The children were given a chance to discuss their worries in a safe space among their peers, which highlighted to them that everyone experiences the same nerves and thoughts when embarking on a big change.

Another part of the workshop was based around positive life affirmations, including “I am enough, just as I am”. It is vital for children to remember these positive affirmations when facing something scary or challenging as a way of realising that they are very capable and can handle these challenges.

They also took part in a guided meditation which works as a fantastic stress reliever during difficult times.



Our Curriculum Homework

A minimum of 5 pieces of homework must be completed from the grid. You can choose any 5 to complete, however one of them must be the central writing task.

Please hand all homework in to your class teacher by 1st April 2020.