Caveman for a day…

Caveman for a day…
November 17, 2019 monkwick

Last week we enjoyed a visit from a real caveman and woman. Memma and Twig joined us to talk us through what it would have been like to be a caveman or woman in the stone age.

The studio was completely rearranged to become a traditional caveman habitat. The children were able to touch the items in the room to see what they felt like and to see what they may have been used for.

As well as the visit to The Studio the children also took part in some activities outside. Memma showed them how to make a fire, and also spoke to them about food that would have been eaten at the time.

We also had some very brave pupils who helped to gut a fish, and once cooked on the fire the children got to have a taste.

The children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the day. We would like to say a huge thank you to Memma and Twig and hope they are able to visit the school again in the future!