Sigma Press Release

Sigma Press Release
July 19, 2018 monkwick

The Sigma Trust would like to announce…

The Regional School Commissioner has today approved a new sponsor for the Philip Morant School and College in Colchester and The Colne Community School and College in Brightlingsea.
The Sigma Trust, based in North East Essex, has been working with The Colne Community School and has already had a significant, positive impact in a short period of time. Sigma will now extend the support they are offering to Philip Morant. The legal transfer of the schools will occur later in the year following the completion of due diligence checks, a Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) consultation with staff and ratification of funding agreements.

Neil Gallagher, Principal at Clacton County High School, will continue in his role as Interim Executive Headteacher at The Colne School until The Sigma Trust is ready to appoint a permanent headteacher. At Philip Morant, Scott Holder will be appointed as the Interim Executive Headteacher from 1 September 2018. Mr Holder is currently the Co-Headteacher at Stanway School and will be stepping down from this position at the end of the summer term.

The Sigma Trust is a local partnership of seven academies in North East Essex. Sigma was formally established in September 2016 and currently consists of five secondary schools, a junior school and an infant and nursery school. The Trust is also responsible for the development of the new Paxman Academy in Colchester which will open in September 2019.
Jeff Brindle, CEO of Sigma, said: “We are proud and excited to be named as the new sponsors of the academies that previously formed the Thrive Partnership Academy Trust. The five secondary schools within The Sigma Trust have a long history of partnership working with both The Colne Community School and College and Philip Morant School and College. We very much welcome the opportunity to establish these formal links.

The expansion of The Sigma Trust to include the two Thrive School and the new Paxman Academy will establish a strong bond of eight secondary schools in the Colchester and Tendring area. All schools will retain their own individual identities and ethos but will benefit from the extensive support and collaboration that can be achieved across all of the academies. This will enable us to obtain the best possible outcomes for all students.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all the academies involved and will ensure a positive future for the students, staff and communities associated with both The Colne and Philip Morant schools.”
Neil Jones, Chair of the Thrive Trust said “We are very pleased that the future for the two Thrive Trust schools has been settled. The Sigma Trust was brought on board to support the Colne Community School and we have seen many improvements. We are confident that Sigma is well placed to take both schools forward and will continue to act in the best interests of pupils and staff.
“The Thrive Trust has experienced some turbulent times recently and this decision gives both schools the opportunity to improve and return to their status as good and outstanding schools serving their local communities.

Please download the letter sent to The Sigma Trust Parents > ”Letter to Sigma Trust Parents 19th July 2018