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Reading Gladiators

Reading Gladiators

Just Imagine’s Reading Gladiators (TM) is a school-based programme designed to provide a challenging reading experience that motivates children to read for pleasure. Gladiators are encouraged to read widely and to make adventurous reading choices. They collaborate with team mates and undertake individual challenges.

Participating schools are clustered in informal regions and come together at the end of the year to take part in a fearsome challenge day, pitting their wits against opposing teams in a contest of knowledge, performance and creativity.

Monkwick Reading Gladiators are a group of 8, year 4 pupils who meet once a week as a Book Club.

Book 1 : Spooks and Scooters

Book 1 : Spooks and Scooters 1

Book Reviews

What was the story about?

A mystery about someone who stole the blueprint of latest invention of the Breeze 5000. Flora and Sylvie go on a mission with their friends.

What was your favourite part? Why? 

My best part of the book was at the end when they found out how the blue print was stolen. There was a happy ending with everyone having fun and being happy.

Who was your favourite character? Why?

Flora because she was determined to find out who stole the Breeze 5000 to save her Dad from losing his job.


By Ryan Clark

                                                                 I give this book:

Book 2: The Cake the Witch and the Woolf

Book 2: The Cake the Witch and the Woolf 1


Book 3: The Red Prince

Book 3: The Red Prince 1

Book 4: The Brockenspectre 


Book 5: Michael Rosen's A to Z 


Gladiator Poetry

Book 6: The Magician's Elephant 


Pictures inspired by the book illustrations