Year 6 Summer Home Learning

Welcome to the Year 6 Home Learning Section of our website. This is work designed for Chi, Epsilon and Tau class.
Each week, new learning for the week will be updated ready for Monday morning.
Work is designed so that each day children will have one lesson for Maths, one lesson for English and one other curriculum lesson. There will be different curriculum lessons each week.
All of the work is designed so that it can be displayed on a phone or a tablet as well as a computer. Our staff have made the work here so that it does not need to be printed off to complete it – you can look at the work on screen, and complete the answers and work on paper.
Some work can be accessed by all children to have a go. Some work is split into different tasks, depending on how confident children feel – these are based on our red, yellow and green ReflectEd colours. Red means that you want more support. Yellow means that you feel ready to have a go. Green means that you are ready for more challenge. You will only need to complete one of these tasks.
Our Year 6 team would love to see some examples of your good work, and are able to offer support if there is anything you are unsure of. You can contact them at

Summer Term One

Week One Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Identifying Good Features of a Text

Lesson 2 – Ways to Create Suspense

Lesson 3 – Conveying Character Through Dialogue

Lesson 4 – Moving on Action Through Dialogue

Lesson 5 – Relative Clauses



Lesson 1 – Column Addition

Lesson 2 – Column Addition – Missing Numbers

Lesson 3 – Addition Word Problems

Lesson 4 –  Mixed Addition

Lesson 5 –  Mixed Addition Problems


Lesson 1 – Internet Safety – Social Media

Lesson 2 – Internet Safety – Benefits and Risks


Lesson 1 – Rocks – Hard and Soft Rocks

Lesson 2 – Rocks – Permeability

Lesson 3 – Rocks – Soil Formation


Week Two Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Using Punctuation to Break up Sentences

Lesson 2 – Punctuating a List

Lesson 3 – Using Bullet Points

Lesson 4 – Using Commas for Clarity

Lesson 5 – Using Hyphens


Lesson 1 – Column Subtraction

Lesson 2 – Missing Numbers in Column Subtraction

Lesson 3 – Missing Number Problems

Lesson 4 – Missing Number Problems – Review

Lesson 5 – Subtraction Word Problems


Lesson 1 – Locating Russia and China

Lesson 2 – More about China

Lesson 3 – More about Russia


Lesson 1 – Drawing a Figure

Lesson 2 – Adding Detail and Depth


Week Three Home Learning

Friday 8th May 2020 is a Bank Holiday, so there will only be 4 days of work uploaded for this week for Monday-Thursday.


Lesson 1 – Formal and Informal Texts

Lesson 2 – Using Formal Language

Lesson 3 – Active and Passive Verbs

Lesson 4 – Using Contracted Forms of Words


Lesson 1 – Multiply by 10, 100, 1000

Lesson 2 – Multiplication Using the Column Method

Lesson 3 – Multiply a Four Digit Number by a Two Digit Number

Lesson 4 – Multiply by Numbers with Decimal Places


Lesson 1

Lesson 2


Lesson 1 – Months of the Year

Lesson 2 – Seasons

Week Four Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Writing a Formal Letter

Lesson 2 – Including Relevent Information in a News Recount

Lesson 3 – Using Reported Speech

Lesson 4 – Inverted Commas

Lesson 5 – Past and Present Tense


Lesson 1 – Solving Multiplication Problems

Lesson 2 – Short Written Method for Division Part 1

Lesson 3 – Short Written Method for Division Part 2

Lesson 4 – Long Division Part 1

Lesson 5 – Long Division Part 2


Lesson 1 – The Child From Mars


Lesson 1 – Identifying Solids, Liquids and Gases

Lesson 2 – Explaining Evaporation and Condensation

Lesson 3 – Explaining Melting and Freezing as changes in State


Lesson 1 – Social Media

Week Five Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Discussion Text

Lesson 2 – Introducing Argument in Discussion Text

Lesson 3 – Expanding Reasons

Lesson 4 – Writing a Conclusion

Lesson 5 – Writing a Discussion Text


Lesson 1 – Adding and Subtracting Fractions- Same Denominator

Lesson 2 – Adding and Subtracting Fractions- Different Denominators

Lesson 3 – Adding and subtracting Mixed Numbers- Different Denominators

Lesson 4 – Multiply Mixed Numbers by Whole Numbers

Lesson 5 – Calculating Fractions of Amounts


Lesson 1 – Human Activity in China

Lesson 2 – Russia

Lesson 3 – Comparing Russia, China and the UK


Lesson 1 – Drawing a Figure in Motion

Lesson 2 – Showing Movement in Art

Summer Term Two

Week Six Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Describing a Setting

Lesson 2 – Describing a Character

Lesson 3 – Understanding how Dialogue can Convey Character

Lesson 4 – Planning a Story

Lesson 5 – Writing a Story


Lesson 1 – Multiplying Decimal Numbers by 10, 100 and 1000

Lesson 2 – Dividing Decimal Numbers by 10, 100 and 1000

Lesson 3 – Finding the Perimeter of 2D Shapes

Lesson 4 – Describing Properties of 2D Shapes

Lesson 5 – Classify 3D Shapes


Lesson 1 – Reading a Text Fluently

Lesson 2

Lesson 3


Lesson 1 – Expressing an Opinion

Lesson 2 – Using Conjunctions

Week Seven Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Features of a Diary Entry

Lesson 2 – Plan a diary Entry

Lesson 3 – Write a Diary Entry

Lesson 4 – Write a Persuasive Speech

Lesson 5 – ‘I before e, except after c’


Lesson 1 – Converting Units of Measure

Lesson 2 – Converting between Miles and Kilometres

Lesson 3 – Area of 2D Shapes

Lesson 4 – Same Area, Different Perimeters

Lesson 5 – Area of Triangles and Parallelograms


Lesson 1 – Wonder

Lesson 2

Lesson 3


Lesson 1 – Conductors and Insulators of Electricity

Lesson 2 – Write and Record the Results of an Experiment

Week Eight Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Ideas about a Story

Lesson 2 – Character Description

Lesson 3 – Contrasting Character Description

Lesson 4 – Fronted Adverbials

Lesson 5 – Plan a Narrative


Lesson 1 – Using Formula to Calculate Areas 7 Volumes of Shapes

Lesson 2 – Volume of 3D Shapes

Lesson 3 – Identifying Angles

Lesson 4 – Using a Protractor to Measure Angles

Lesson 5 – Identify and Calculate Angles


Lesson 1 – Christianity

Lesson 2 – Symbols of Christianity

Lesson 3 – Christian Customs & Ceremonies


Lesson 1 – Portrait

Lesson 2 – Portrait Pt 2

Week Nine Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Write a Narrative

Lesson 2 – Edit and Improve Work

Lesson 3 – Read and Understand a Poem

Lesson 4 – Vocabulary in Jabberwocky

Lesson 5 – Good Vs Evil in The Jabberwocky


Lesson 1 – Missing Angles

Lesson 2 – Missing Angles

Lesson 3 – 3D Nets

Lesson 4 – Circles

Lesson 5 – Four Operations

Geography & Culture

Lesson 1 – China

Lesson 2 – Russia

Lesson 3 – United Kingdom


Lesson 1 – Jabberwocky

Lesson 2 – Jabberwocky


Lesson 1 – ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams

Lesson 2 – Learn the song

Week Ten Home Learning

Week 11 & 12

You have now completed 10 weeks of learning at home! We have loved seeing all of the work that has been emailed to us and hearing about how your child has been getting on. For the last two weeks of the term we have created some exciting projects which will allow your child to apply their knowledge and skills in a creative way. There are seven projects to choose from including creating a new theme park, planning a holiday destination and designing a home of the future. Children working in school will also be completing these projects. You can decide how to complete the projects and how many you want to undertake. You could complete one as a family over the two weeks, or your child may want to try a couple of different tasks. The projects will remain on the website for the duration of the 6 week holiday, so your child can continue them over a longer period of time if they want to.

For Extra Work, Please Click Here

Completed all of your work already? Want more to do?

The following links will provide extra work for the children to have a go at. As they are set up for a wide range of children across the UK, please be aware that they may not match up with our usual curriculum. As this is extra, you are still welcome to try these and learn some different things that may interest you. You can do all of it, or just choose some of your favourite subjects.

Oak National Academy

You can access a Year 6 section of work at the Oak National Academy. This is an online platform of work set up by teachers and backed by the government. It offers a Maths, English and Foundation Lesson each day. Click here to go to the Oak National Academy website for Year 6.

BBC Bitesize

You can access a Year 6 section of work on BBC Bitesize. There are a wide range of resources, and short video clips to support learning. It offers a Maths, English and Foundation Lesson each day. Click here to go to the BBC Bitesize Website for Year 6.