Year 3 Summer Home Learning

Welcome to the Year 3 Home Learning Section of our website. This is work designed for Lambda, Omega and Pi class.
Each week, new learning for the week will be updated ready for the Monday morning.
Work is designed so that each day children will have one lesson for Maths, one lesson for English and one other curriculum lesson. There will be different curriculum lessons each week.
All of the work is designed so that it can be displayed on a phone or a tablet as well as a computer. Our staff have made the work here so that it does not to be printed off to complete it – you can look at the work on screen, and complete the answers and work on paper.
Some work can be accessed by all children to have a go at. Some work is split into different tasks, depending on how confident children feel – these are based on our red, yellow and green ReflectEd colours. Red means that you want more support. Yellow means that you feel ready to have a go. Green means that you are ready for more challenge. You will only need to complete one of these tasks.
Our Year 3 team would love to see some examples of your good work, and are also able to offer support if there is anything you are unsure of. You can contact them at

Summer Term One

Week One Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Ways To Hook The Reader

Lesson 2 – Generating Ideas for Speech

Lesson 3 – Punctuating Speech

Lesson 4 – Using Speech in a Narrative

Lesson 5 – Using Speech in a Narrative



Lesson 1 – Adding Tens to Tens

Lesson 2 – Adding with Partitioning

Lesson 3 – Adding with the Column Method

Lesson 4 – Adding with the Column Method – Missing Digits

Lesson 5 – Addition Word Problems


Lesson 1 – First Aid – Treating Bleeding and Burns

Lesson 2 – First Aid – Treating Broken Bones


Lesson 1 – Comparing Plants

Lesson 2 – Labelling Parts of a Plant

Lesson 3 – Functions of Parts of a Plant

Week Two Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Identifying What Makes a Sentence

Lesson 2 – Using Commas

Lesson 3 – Fronted Adverbials

Lesson 4 – Adverbials Across Sentences

Lesson 5 – Using adverbials in a narrative


Lesson 1 – Subtracting Tens from Tens

Lesson 2 – Using a number line to subtract

Lesson 3 – Subtracting 3 digit numbers from 3 digit numbers

Lesson 4 – Solving missing number problems using Column Method

Lesson 5 – Subtraction word problems


Lesson 1 – Comparing Brazil and Egypt

Lesson 2 – Facts about Brazil

Lesson 3 – Facts about Egypt


Lesson 1 – Drawing a Cat’s Eye

Lesson 2 – Drawing a Cat’s Nose

Week Three Home Learning

Friday 8th May 2020 is a Bank holiday, so there will only be 4 days of work uploaded for this week, for Monday-Thursday.


Lesson 1 – Correct Greetings and Sign-Offs in Formal Letters

Lesson 2 – Giving Reasons using Conjunctions

Lesson 3 – Organising Paragraphs in Letter

Lesson 4 – Correcting Contractions


Lesson 1 – Multiplying by multiples of 10

Lesson 2 – Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers by a 1 Digit Number

Lesson 3 – Solving Word Problems

Lesson 4 – Coin Multiplication


Lesson 1

Lesson 2


Lesson 1 – Body Parts

Lesson 2 – Colours

Week Four Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Writing a Letter of Complaint

Lesson 2 – Titles, Subtitles and Expanding Noun Phrases

Lesson 3 – Using Adverbials of Time

Lesson 4 – Giving Instructions

Lesson 5 – Writing an Instruction Text


Lesson 1 – Finding the Biggest Multiple

Lesson 2 – Doubling and Halving Numbers

Lesson 3 – Dividing a 2 Digit number by a 1 Digit Number

Lesson 4 – Dividing 2 Digit numbers using the 10th Multiple

Lesson 5 – Solving Word Problems with Division


Lesson 1 – How Plants get Water

Lesson 2 – Flowers and their Role in the Life-Cycle of a Plant

Lesson 3 – Revision


Lesson 1 – First Aid

Week Five Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Features of a Diary Entry

Lesson 2 – Contractions

Lesson 3 – Organising Text

Lesson 4 – Describing how a Character Feels

Lesson 5 – Writing a Diary Recount


Lesson 1 – Halves, Thirds, Quarters and Tenths

Lesson 2 – Adding and Subtracting Fractions – Same Denominator

Lesson 3 – Identify Equivalent Fractions

Lesson 4 – Fractions of Amounts

Lesson 5 – Solving Worded Problems


Lesson 1 – Features of Rivers

Lesson 2 – Amazon River

Lesson 3 – The Nile


Lesson 1 – Mark Making – Cat’s Mouth

Lesson 2 – Mark Making – Cat’s Face

Summer Term Two

Week Six Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Plan a Story Mountain

Lesson 2 – Expanded Noun Phrases

Lesson 3 – Opening of a Story

Lesson 4 – Build up and Problem of a Story

Lesson 5 – Resolution and Ending to Story


Lesson 1 – Add and Subtract Units of Measurement

Lesson 2 – Add and Subtract Amounts of Money

Lesson 3 – Finding Change

Lesson 4 – Reading Scales

Lesson 5 – Solving Word Problems with Measurement


Lesson 1 – Charlotte’s First day Back

Lesson 2 –

Lesson 3 –


Lesson 1 – Body parts and Colours

Lesson 2 – La/ Le and Colours

Week Seven Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Greetings for Informal Letters

Lesson 2 – Using Informal Tone

Lesson 3 – Fronted Adverbials of Time

Lesson 4 – Asking Questions

Lesson 5 – Writing an Informal Letter


Lesson 1 – Right Angles

Lesson 2 – Angles Smaller or Larger than Right Angles

Lesson 3 – Angles as Turns

Lesson 4 – Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Lesson 5 – Parallel and Perpendicular Lines


Lesson 1 – Places of Worship – Church

Lesson 2 – Places of Worship – Synagogue

Lesson 3 – Places of Worship – Mosque


Lesson 1 – Zentangle Patterns

Lesson 2 – Zentangle Techniques

Week Eight Home Learning


Lesson 1 – Explanation Texts

Lesson 2 – Adverbials of Time

Lesson 3 – Adverbs

Lesson 4 – Describing a New Mode of Transportation

Lesson 5 – Writing an Explanation Text


Lesson 1 – Identifying Pairs of Perpendicular & Parallel Lines

Lesson 2 – 3D Shapes

Lesson 3 – Classifying 3D Shapes

Lesson 4 – Perimeter of 2D Shapes

Lesson 5 – Perimeter of 2D Shapes pt 2


Lesson 1 – Brazil

Lesson 2 – Egypt

Lesson 3 – Brazil & Egypt


Lesson 1 – Body Parts

Lesson 2 – Colours

Week 11 & 12

You have now completed 10 weeks of learning at home! We have loved seeing all of the work that has been emailed to us and hearing about how your child has been getting on. For the last two weeks of the term we have created some exciting projects which will allow your child to apply their knowledge and skills in a creative way. There are seven projects to choose from including creating a new theme park, planning a holiday destination and designing a home of the future. Children working in school will also be completing these projects. You can decide how to complete the projects and how many you want to undertake. You could complete one as a family over the two weeks, or your child may want to try a couple of different tasks. The projects will remain on the website for the duration of the 6 week holiday, so your child can continue them over a longer period of time if they want to.

For Extra Work, Please Click Here

Completed all of your work already? Want more to do?

The following links will provide extra work for the children to have a go at. As they are set up for a wide range of children across the UK, please be aware that they may not match up with our usual curriculum. As this is extra, you are still welcome to try these and learn some different things that may interest you. You can do all of it, or just choose some of your favourite subjects.

Oak National Academy

You can access a Year 3 section of work at the Oak National Academy. This is an online platform of work set up by teachers and backed by the government. It offers a Maths, English and Foundation Lesson each day. Click here to go to the Oak National Academy website for Year 3.

BBC Bitesize

You can access a Year 3 section of work on BBC Bitesize. There are a wide range of resources, and short video clips to support learning. It offers a Maths, English and Foundation Lesson each day. Click here to go to the BBC Bitesize Website for Year 3.