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Our class experienced the wonder of ancient Greece with History Off the Page, bringing fifth century BC Athens to life in our school. The workshop provided valuable learning opportunities to the children through a combination of role-play, practical activities and hands on experience with facsimile artefacts. The hall became the Agora in Athens, the children became traders and craftsmen who busied away at their tasks while sharing all the latest gossip.

Bleeding & Bandaging Certificates

Bleeding & Bandaging Certificates 1



5L completed a practical workshop on basic First Aid in February, run by St John Ambulance.  We had a great time putting each other in the recovery position and learning how to safely bandage an injury.


In early March, we also had a fabulously fun day at ‘Hogwarts School Road campus’ celebrating World Book Day.

Over the next two weeks, the class is delving deeper into the arts as they develop their artistic skills through art, music and dance lessons based around Alfred Noyes wonderful poem, ‘The Highwayman’.


Coming up:  Swimming in year 5 starts in the second week of summer term.  Letters will follow shortly.