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​Year 4 have been exploring fractions in their maths lessons. We have focused on understanding different equivalent fractions that equal 1/2 and making craft squares to represent these. Furthermore, we have been learning how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator, with different denominators and ordering fractions using inequality signs.

Mrs Hale, Mrs King, Mrs Bennett and Miss Alexander are all incredibly proud of the progress 4H have made and have displayed fractions work on the classrooms washing line and 'the wonderful wall' near reception. Well done!

Attendance Ted


As part of their PSHE lessons, 4H have been learning about the importance of attendance and how this may affect their future learning. By refining our debating skills, we spoke about different scenarios and whether we would miss school if we were in that situation. We learnt lots about the UK's National Average for attendance (97%) and consequently 4H have been closely monitoring where they have come in the attendance league tables every week. I am thrilled to announce that since September, 4H has achieved 2 weeks of 100% attendance and reached the top the top of the leader board 3 times since September! We are consistently striving to beat the National Average and be proud of all our accomplishments through Mexican waves and drum rolls! 


But most importantly, a visitor came to visit 4H to talk more about attendance...


Meet Ted, he's new to Monkwick Junior School and he's ready to learn! After visiting other parts of the school, Ted feels right at home with 4H and hopes all the wonderful children will inspire him to be the best bear he can be! Ted knows that in order to be successful, he must come to school everyday. Ted prides himself with his faultless attendance record and wants to show 4H how they can improve their attendance too! Join Ted through in his adventures through out the year.


Trip To Mersea Island

On Friday 30th September, 4H travelled to West Mersea to investigate the island and different types of treasure found on the beach. The experience directly links to our literacy lessons where we have been basing work on the story 'Flotsam' (meaning objects such as cargo that become washed up by the sea). We discovered different types of shells on the coastline and learned more about the amazing work the RNLI coastguards do. We also saw a lifeboat and video clips of the RNLI in action around Mersea Island!

We hope the trip will inspire children to produce even more fabulous work in the future and apply their new found knowledge to their own sea life explanations!

Picture 1 4H Class Photo on West Mersea Coastline
Picture 2 4H in Action!

Sea Creature Poems


In the past few weeks, 4H have been exploring different language features that are found in poetry. By learning more about turtles, sea horses and octopuses, we produced lovely poems that question the uniqueness of each sea creature. We focused on developing elements of our figurative language, especially alliteration and similes to make our poems punchy and effective.

Below are some examples of 4H's amazing work!




Picture 1 Fantastic Sea Horse poem by Jessica
Picture 2 Lovely Octopus poem by Lesly
Picture 3 Brilliant Literacy work by Jenson