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Summer Term in 4C

In Year 4 this term our main focus has been studying the Vikings and Anglo Saxons.   We have learned how to write our names in Viking Runes, and even made our very own Viking clay pots! 

Our visit to the reconstructed Anglo Saxon village at West Stow was a great success, as we identified how the Anglo Saxons lived. Some of us got to try on traditional Anglo Saxon clothing and experienced what it would have been like to be an Anglo Saxon warrior wearing a metal helmet!

We thoroughly enjoyed Sports Day and demonstrated great sportsmanship and teamwork.

We hope you like the photos; it's been a great but very busy term!

Summer Term 2016

Spring Term in 4C

This term we have been using ‘Talk for Writing’ as a tool for internalising language patterns and applying learned vocabulary and sentence structures to our own work.

We have written some beautiful poetry on fireworks.

We learn as a whole class, in groups, and individually. We really enjoy ‘Talk for Writing Tennis’ and we like it when we get picked to be the experts and ‘teach’ the rest of the class!

Here we are undertaking a kinaesthetic activity in RE to demonstrate our understanding of sequencing and applying what we have learned in our lesson on Buddhism.

Here we are using Multilink as concrete apparatus in a graphs activity for Maths to help us learn more effectively.

We enjoy working in different groups so we can share ideas for reasoning and problem solving too!

Look at the Chinese Dragons we have made in DT!

Autumn Term in 4H
In 4H this term we have been finding out a lot about animals and habitats. We have categorised different animals according to their features.

We wrote a poem and a non- Chronological report about an animal.

We also took part in a drama activity where we were animal experts being interviewed about our animals.

We will be doing some more creative work about animals and environments in the half term to come.

Examples of Work.

Examples of Work. 1
Examples of Work. 2
Examples of Work. 3
Examples of Work. 4